You have a website, you have plenty of visitors, but you don’t make that many sales, wonder why? 

You run a small or medium sized business, you have a website, you have visitors that visits your website, but you don’t generate any sales out of it? Then what’s the point of having a website? Your company doesn’t run from number of visitors that viewed your page, but from sales.

But wait, there are millions of people browsing internet buying various goods or services, I bet that you’re one of them. What are you doing wrong so you can’t sell your services?

There is a huge potential to attract a new clients and make the profit, and yet somehow you just can’t catch that grip.

Well don’t worry, we are here to help you out

Below are 5 basic ways to improve your website and increase your conversion (conversion is turning visitors into customers).

1. Improve your website load speed

First step website load speed, sounds easy, but is it? There are various ways to improve your website speed. Now you might wonder, why does website speed matters? Well ask your self, while browsing google for some term, you open few websites, do you wait for all of them to load? No, you close slow ones. Preferably you want your website to load within 3 seconds.

Conversion (Visitors to Customers) Rate Based On Load Speed

2. Keep visitors on your website

Lets say you fixed first problem, your website loads fast, that’s great. But now you have another, you have to act fast and gain visitors attention, first few seconds are crucial (8 second by some studies). You need to display content that visitors wants (for which service, product they’re searching). Good way to do that is creating large banner with some special deal that  they can’t refuse. 🙂 Also, human eye reads website in “F” shape, so you should display your most important content in those sections.

Visitors Heatmap When They Load Page

3. Add CTA (Call to action) Buttons 

Now when you got clients attention, you need to keep him on your website. Great way to do that is creating various buttons, banners, forms, that will offer awesome deal to client, for example “Request free consulting”, “Request free demo”, you get the idea. That button will redirect them to another page, and you got your visitor hooked.

An example of how "Spotify" uses CPA Button "GO PREMIUM"

4. Offer less services/products. Yep that’s right 

This is basic “Hick’s Law” rule. Offering more services/products to your visitors will increase their decision time or worst, they will lose interest. Key with this strategy is, you offer a few strongest services to your visitors to get them in contact with your company. After that, you sell them various smaller services via call, email or any other communicating tool.

Less options = Better

5. Engage with your visitors, humanize your website 

Your visitors are humans after all, so keep it simple. Put your self in clients perspective, what would you like to see or read about your service/product? Don’t use complicated sentences for simple services/products. Add live chat extension so they can engage easier with your company. Add your customers testimonials, display your contact details on EVERY page, you can do that by adding your info at navigation or bottom of your page.

Live Chat Box is a good way to engage with visitors

I hope that those 5 basic steps will help you with bringing you the new customers. If you’re interested in knowing more about strategies, tools and tips on how to improve your website, branding, company’s online profile, feel free to take a look around our website.