Sell more pet grooming supplies with a blog

This post was originally published on March 28, 2017, and was updated on May 12, 2020.

The world of commerce and how people shop, now and into the future, has changed seemingly overnight. The same goes for business owners who are running a pet grooming supply shop.

Even though shopping in-person has all but stopped in the wake of the coronavirus, the ecommerce market continues to surge. People are still buying goods, it’s just the way they’re buying that has shifted.

A strong online marketing strategy can help your pet grooming supplies business thrive in even these uncertain times.


One major component of this is maintaining a regular blog.

Below you’ll learn the ins and outs of blogging for the pet grooming supplies space, as well the steps you can take to create a blog that can send your business new customers and traffic.

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The importance of moving your pet grooming supplies business online

Today many people across the world are stuck inside with self-quarantine. Many businesses that aren’t deemed essential have shut their doors. Depending on where you’re based, this might mean your pet grooming supply business has also closed its doors.

But, people haven’t stopped buying, instead, it’s just the way they buy. Transitioning to doing business online is not only vital for your business, but for your customers who still need to buy the things you sell.

Another reason to make the transition online is due to the potential long-term economic impact that could take place. Whatever the economy looks like after this, it likely won’t return to normal, but instead, we’ll have to adjust to a “new” normal.

By making the ecommerce jump now, you can put your business ahead of the curve. You can start getting traffic to your store and building a customer-base and audience before the market becomes saturated.

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Sell more pet grooming supplies with these 5 blogging tips

There’s no point in running a blog if it’s not generating traffic, driving customers, and generating new sales. Now, most blog readers won’t turn into customers right away, but it’s a fantastic tool to help bring new customers into your world.

Use these five tips to help turn your blog into a sales machine:

  1. Understand why they’re reading.
  2. Come up with killer headlines.
  3. Understand SEO and keyword research basics.
  4. Bring in influencers.
  5. Integrate social media.

1. Understand why they’re reading

The first thing to get across is that this blog is for your potential customers, not you. So, everything you publish should provide value to them in some way.

Here are a few quick ways to get inside your reader’s head:

Answer common questions

No matter what kinds of products you sell, your buyers are going to have a lot of questions. You may have gotten these a lot in person, or even via email. Now, it’s time to compile these questions into a series of blog posts.

Another great way to find common questions is to head over to Quora and search for questions in the pet grooming niche. Any popular questions here can make great blog posts.

Pinpoint pain points with a survey

If you have an existing audience anywhere online you can poll this audience to see what kind of topics they’d want to be covered. This could be an email list, an existing Facebook group, or an Instagram account.

If you don’t have an existing audience you can always create a survey using a tool like Survey Monkey and purchase credits to send it out to your market.

Provide product-related advice

Since you’re selling grooming products a lot of your content can center around the pros and cons of the products you offer. You can create product comparisons, roundups, and posts that highlight which products are best for certain kinds of pet owners.

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2. Come up with killer headlines

Your headline is the first thing people will see when considering taking the time to read your content. It needs to hook them and pull them in.

Going over all the fundamentals of writing the perfect headline would take too much time. Instead here are a few key principles to keep in mind when writing headlines for your blog posts:

Use numbers when possible

Adding a number to your headline makes it more attractive. Readers love things they can quantify, and numbers just work. There’s a reason most headlines online include numbers.

Use emotional words

Emotion gets people hooked. Here are some emotional words to consider, fun, easy, effortless, incredible and essential.

Show the reader what they’ll learn

You’ll also want to include words that will inspire action and suggest to readers what they’ll take away from your post. Here are some words you can use, secrets, tips, tricks, facts, and reasons.

Make a compelling promise

If you want to capture reader attention you’ll make a bold promise. But, it’s not enough just to make a promise, you’ll also need to deliver. For example, what new skill will your reader learn? What new secret will you teach them? How will their lives/or their pet’s life change in a new profound way?

Here are some examples of how you’d put this all together:

  • 11 Ridiculously Simple Tips for Getting Rid of Pet Dandruff
  • The Short & Simple Guide for Removing Stains From Your Pet’s Teeth
  • This Secret Will Stop Your Dog From Barking…Every Time

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3. Understand SEO and keyword research basics

SEO is the process of ranking your website (and individual articles) in the search engines. One part of the SEO equation is onsite SEO, which is optimizing your website for certain keywords.

The second is offsite SEO, which involves doing things like building backlinks, getting social shares and more. Both work together to signal to Google how high your site can rank.

There’s a ton that goes into SEO, but here some tips you can implement today:

1. Do your keyword research

By uncovering your keywords you’ll know exactly what your readers are searching for. This allows you to uncover new topics you can write, optimize your content, and rank in the search engines.

There’s a lot that goes into it, but tools like Google Search Console make the research process a bit easier. Going through that particular tool will help you to better define the keyword set for your site.

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2. Uncover popular content/topics

Another great way to find content ideas you know will attract readers and even backlinks are seeing what articles are super popular in your niche.

A great tool for this is Buzzsumo. Just type in a keyword and you’ll get a big list of the most popular articles related to that topic. Then, you can create a similar article or even just a better version of the super-popular piece of content.

3. Optimize your content for keywords

Now that you have a ton of great content ideas, and hopefully some articles are written. You’ll want to optimize your content for these target keywords. You can do this on your own, but there are some incredible tools like Yoast SEO, which will scan your content and give you a checklist of onsite SEO optimization tips. Implement these and your content will be perfectly optimized.

There’s a ton more that goes into SEO, including offsite optimization. But the tips above are a great place to start.

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4. Bring in influencers

Chances are there are some high profile experts in your niche. By aligning yourself with these experts you can not only borrow their authority but also create content that has a greater chance of going viral.

Here’s one way to do just that. Create a spreadsheet of every influencer in the pet grooming and related pet niches. Then, reach out to them via email and ask them all the same question. You’ll be compiling these questions into a massive roundup blog post.

Think of a pressing question you’ve had on your mind or one that your audience would gain a lot of value from.

You’ve no doubt seen these types of posts before, then commonly have headlines like:

  • 37 Experts Share Their Favorite Apps for Getting More Done Each Day
  • 50 Meditation Teachers Share the Secret That Made Meditation Easy
  • 27 Dog Training Experts Share the One Thing You Need for a Well-Behaved Pet

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5. Integrate social media

Although not directly related to running your company blog, there is some overlap.

First, you can use your social media accounts as a tool to promote your content. Each platform has its own general “rules” about how to format your content, what images to use, etc., but using the compelling headline you created above is a great start.

Social media can also be used to network with other influencers to both promote your content and potentially interview.

Finally, make sure you have social media buttons across your website. The most common places include your sidebar, and above and below each post. If you have a lot of social shares on a given post this can act as social proof for new visitors that your content is worth reading.

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In closing

Hopefully, this post will help your pet grooming supplies business continue to thrive. People still need goods to support the health of their pets and your ecommerce store can become their go-to resource.

By taking the steps to get online now, and start building an audience and getting traffic, you’ll put your pet grooming supply business in a good position to grow, even in tough economic times.

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