Webinar: How to help your clients adapt and succeed online

powered by Crowdcast Hi! I’m Andy McIlwain, the Senior Community Manager for GoDaddy Pro. What follows is a compilation of advice, pulled from what we’re seeing and hearing from small businesses, and those who help them succeed online. *** When I started freelancing, I had a very narrow focus. I built websites. That was it. […]

Webinar: GoDaddy Pro vs GoDaddy Reseller programs

Finding new clients is one of the biggest pain points for web designers and developers. That’s why generating recurring revenue is so important. If you’ve been looking for easy ways to add recurring revenue to your business, you might want to start with a partner program. In our latest GoDaddy Pro webinar I introduced our […]

Webinar: Help your clients sell online beyond WordPress

The world is virtual. It’s a reality we had already been gradually settling into, but 2020 dumped us right into the deep end with COVID-19. Small businesses have been especially hard hit, many of whom, if you’re a web designer or developer, are your clients. In an effort to help you get your clients through […]

Sandy Edwards joins the GoDaddy Pro team

My name is Sandy Edwards. I am a longtime member of the WordPress project, an agency owner, and user of both WordPress and GoDaddy Pro. Outside of work, I love my family, travel, education, and music. In my professional life, I’ve always been drawn to analytics, numbers, and math. My background in the WordPress community […]