There are millions of dollars of potential revenue for your business, waiting for you. Take advantage of it!


In today’s blog post we will talk about businesses and how there are millions of dollars of potential revenue, waiting to be capitalized.

You now might wonder, where is that potential revenue, how to get it? And the answer is simple, right in front of you, the Internet. Internet is a powerful tool for each business if used correctly.  

Example of a Clothing Store


You’re a small business producing custom made clothes. Your goal is to sell as much as you can and of course, reach as many customers as you can. The logical move would be to open multiple stores in multiple cities, that way you will reach out to millions of potential customers. But that solution has one huge problem and that is a PRICE. To open multiple stores you would need millions, and that is almost impossible for most businesses to achieve, especially for smaller ones. 

What if I told you that there is one waaay cheaper solution and amount of customers that you will reach is unlimited. The solution is a Website. There are billions of people browsing the internet each day, and what do you need to reach them? Just ONE Website, ONE Warehouse to ship your products Worldwide, and that’s it. You don’t need to open dozens of physical stores, you can achieve all that and more, with one small investment into a Quality Website. And there you go, you know where potential revenue is, use it in your favour!

And that is what one of our clients did. A few months ago an owner of a small furniture company contacted us interested in knowing more about a website developing process of a company website. Due to the situation with COVID he wanted to create an Online Store for selling his Products.

Goal & Solution


His goal was to create a company website that will also have an online store, where visitors can browse products and easily order them. 


A custom-designed, responsive on all devices Website with integrated Online Store where the client and his employees will easily manage & add products and also track new orders. We decided to go with a WooCommerce as an Ecommerce platform.


We have designed and launched a website within 6 weeks since our first contact. Website is also optimized for search engines so it reaches a bigger audience.  

Within the first 4 months of the launch, a client has sold more than a $36000 worth of products, and that is just beginning, sales are increasing each month!

Revenue in the first 4 months

Client’s company is operating for over 20 years, and until now they didn’t have a company website at all. They potentially missed out millions of dollars in revenue, that was right in front of them!

Use the Internet into your business favour, build a quality website today and increase your company’s revenue!

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